2016 Lancaster Premier Team

Rosters TO Be POsted Upon Player Confirmations



Final cost will depend on final selection of tournaments costs range from $1500-1700.


Practices are scheduled tentatively for Tuesday/Thursdays during June/July.

Team Goal

The ultimate goal of our U19 team is to see every player continue their lacrosse career at the next level. We are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to help our players reach their full potential and play at the next level. Through clear communication we will set goals, guidelines, and set up a plan to help each player along the recruiting process. The recruiting process is very tedious and can become stressful. It is a hard decision for a player to make. We will look to make these decisions easier to help promote your play and get your name out to college coaches across the company. It is essential that all players are proactive and take control of their own destiny. We will help set you on that path!

With tournaments being set up the way they are it is important to make a good impression every time you play. Through our team training we will establish the necessary player skills, IQ, and abilities to play at the next level.


  • To Be Determined

An additional tournament may be added come closer to season at an additional cost

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